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Accord Mediation seeks to bring parties to an agreement — an accord — as efficiently as possible. We make mediation as efficient and flexible as possible. We offer high quality mediation, including Video Mediation, from lawyers with many years of practice in their areas of expertise.


Areas of arbitration offered range from aviation to nursing home cases. Arbitration can resolve a case that needs to have evidence presented and a decision. This can be done well before a case goes to trial in court, and for less time and expense.


Prior to becoming a lawyer, Mel Mobley earned a Ph.D. and directed a research center at Emory and continues research into the influence of social psychological factors on the success of mediation. Feel free to review our research, or contact Accord Mediation for more information.


Sometimes neighbors and neighborhoods have disputes. Mel Mobley offers up to 4 hours at no charge to mediate these disputes. Mel has been on the board and/or president of many community organizations and has contributed many hours to community issues.


Mel MobleyAttorney
Mel Mobley

Mel Mobley received his B.A. degree from the University of Florida in 1970, a M.Div. from Duke University in 1973, a Ph.D. degree in 1980 from Emory University, and received his law degree from Georgia State University in 1987. Mel is a State of Georgia Registered Mediator, General Civil Mediation.

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