Community Conversations

                                       FIRST, WE HAVE TO LISTEN

Even with all of the corporate styled training sessions available for Diversity and Inclusion issues, a need exists for smaller conversations. What we seem to lack is a place for transformational conversations, a place where people can come together for an hour, or two, and talk,  and more importantly to listen, in small groups with a mediator or facilitator guiding the discussion so that everyone can not just speak, but be heard, and be heard empathetically.  To make this happen;  first, we have to listen.*

Accord Mediation proposes to provide such a place, time, and structure for such conversations at no charge for members of our larger community to come together to talk about those issues that divide us:  race, class, and structural resource differentials.

Our facilitators Alvin S. Johnson and Mel Mobley are available to donate their time in a two-hour session with your group (limited to seven). We invite you to give us a try.

Accord Mediation also offers facilitations at a negotiated rate for organizations. The charges will be for the time of the facilitators, expenses and an administrative fee. The amount of time for these sessions varies according to the need of the organization requesting them. Please contact us, if you are interested.

*Please contact us to discuss your interest in this discussion and see a poem titled, “First, We Have to Listen,”  by Mel Mobley on our blog..