Accord Mediation seeks to bring parties to an agreement — an accord — as efficiently as possible.  Mediation is a process undertaken to reach a resolution. As everyone who has participated in a mediation knows, the process works a high percentage of the time. Sometimes the process takes longer than the parties think that it should and becomes more expensive than they anticipated.

At Accord Mediation, we make mediation as efficient and flexible as possible.  Our mediators will come to your office, or you can come to our office for a two party mediation,  and we will proceed as efficiently as possible.  We offer high quality mediation from lawyers with many years of practice in their areas of expertise.

Accord Mediation can now offer video mediation through Zoom, if that is more comfortable to you in this period of health concerns.  Remember as well, our office offers a small environment with bathrooms only used by the people in our building which we own and control.

We invite you to look at our neutrals for their bios, availability, and fee schedules.

We invite you to give us a try.  We list some of the areas for which we offer mediation below.